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"Working closely with our customers and partners, our services and solutions deliver business transformation through digital transformation including, design, solution development, product development, training, consultancy and mentoring"

Emergency Health Initiative

The provision of good health care is something that people and government see as vital to a growing and strong community   As the costs of heatlth care continues to increase around the world, WhyWurry has sought to contribute to reducing such costs by enabling smart technology to provide a simple yet responsive solution at the pointy end of health care - Emergencies. 


Providing comfort to individuals, augmenting Workplace Health and Safety and allowing informed decisions to be made quicker will save lives, reduce recovery times and have people back at work quicker. 


Our unique solution allows an individual easy access to update and choose what information they wish to make available to emergency personnel such as first responders, doctors, nurses, teachers etc. 


Accessing that information is as simple as having a smart device.  No login required and a response time of seconds gives a first responder real time information that will assist in determining next steps for treatment....for more information contact us

Adaptive Engagement

The management of internal and outward facing task based forms can be time consuming and resource heavy.  WhyWurry will provide experienced staff to work with you and understand your business process and required outputs.  From that point on we will design and maintain your forms for your consumption or train you in how to maintain your forms.  All you need do is sit back and consume the finished forms. 


How can we do this? 


Our business is understanding your  processes and using digitization methadologies to develop easy to use yet highly functional and dynamic forms.  From simple forms such as a single page survey to complex forms such as statements of work the outcome for your organization is significant...for more information contact us.

Process Process Health Check (BPHC)

The provision of innovative and highly effective business processes is paramount to the success of any organization. While a number of organizations have implemented business solutions they often do not have an opportunity to review their current effectiveness. This can be simply due to a lack of time or resources.


We have developed a simple process and methodology for reviewng a number of different processes that takes into account the number of decision points, available data and information, dynamic and automated use of collected and available data and information, manual tasks and steps in the business process, key stakeholders versus key beneficiaries and required outcomes.  Examples of such business processes are, HR onboarding, Freedom of Information requests, contract and procurement management, SOW preparation and management etc.


Our focus is to assist organizations remove unecessary delays, inaccuracies, complicated workflows and non essential manual tasks leaving staff to concentrate on high value tasks.   By utilising sound business logic and our own BPHC Optimization Score we can assist you identify and implement fresh and innovative solutions. 

Process Development

Most businesses have a business strategy which has been well thought out and agreed upon.  However, are the processes supporting that strategy as dynamic and innovative as they could be? 

WhyWurry offers extensive experience and expertise to its customers to guide and mentor business process owners in their pursuit of business excellence.

The start of such a project is normally our business process health check which will provide some 'quick wins'.

On completion of the process health check we can expand our project to include  

  • Reviews of existing process material including a report with recommendations. For most processes, we believe this can be achieved in a 2-week period.

  • surveys

  • consultations

  • focus groups

  • solution development

  • mentoring

  • training

Contact us for more information.

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