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Team - Our people are a combination of energy, enthusiasm and experience.

Our people are:


  • people who want to share new ideas and change the world

  • people who want to share their experience and knowledge from around the world and,

  • most of all people who want to see our customers succeed!


Our people have worked in and for a number of organizations across industries including


  • government,

  • financial services,

  • professional services,

  • Information technology

  • health and social media

Company - We are an innovative and exciting business that drives transformation . 

WhyWurry Internet Solutions is an innovative and exciting business that drives business transformation through process augmentation, digital transformation and the effective deployment of cloud technologies.  


With over 50+ years in the Information Management business, we have learned how challenging selecting and implementing technology can be for any organization.


In today’s world this should not be a daunting task nor should your technologies have a finite life. Our business is to work with you to develop strategies to add value to your investments not replace them.  Our team applies comprehensive technical knowledge and best practices to help customers ensure success as well as developing specific solutions for the broader market.


With a laser focus on process automation, process digitisation, re-use of new and existing data, task based dynamic forms, dynamic health initiatives and offering business strategy advice and mentoring we can design, maintain and support solutions for you.


We are building a Global team of passionate people and partners who are driven to deliver results above and beyond customers' expectations. We are success driven and strive to embody our core values of, professionalism, openness, empowerment, and respect.


We strive to be the best and build an exciting culture of success for us and our customers.


Whether your business is large or small and, you are looking for a new approach, talk to us about how we can bring fresh ideas and methodologies that will Challenge yet Empower

Partners - Our Partners are a combination of energy, enthusiasm and experience. 

We work with a number of partners and individuals to ensure we bring the right levels of experience and knowledge to our customers.  Some of these partners are:






Compliant with HIPAA and Privacy Laws,  ID-ME (Identification Medical Emergency) membership is a must have for individuals and groups in every industry and all walks of life. Your membership and unique identifier (U-ID) contains all the pertinent information needed to save your life in the event of an more

Intelledox helps organizations to digitalize processes through mobile-ready smart web forms (eforms), CRM/line of business integration, document automation and data transformation. Its award-winning products allow businesses to produce smarter, targeted customer communications while easing the burden of paperwork and red more

Changepoint provides recognized market leading solutions in both Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) complete with comprehensive and flexible delivery options that meet the various diverse needs of customers of all sizes, from small installations up to the largest and most complex enterprises. Thousands of enterprises count on Changepoint solutions to drive smarter business decisions, accelerate innovation, and increase efficiencies so they can ​effectively adapt to today's rapidly changing economic conditions and competitive dynamics..... read more

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